Jerry Bennett is a full-time comic book artist and illustrator, currently drawing Glamorella’s Daughte with co-creator Charles J. Martin for Literati Press Comics. He was the 2018-19 Paseo Arts Association artist in residence at the historic Skirvin Hilton, teaching the comic art process and creating gallery comic art. He is now the 2021-22 Artist in Residence at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, where he teaches illustration and mentors advanced students. Bennett is the Illustrator Coordinator for the Oklahoma region of the SCBWI. Follow him on Instagram @artistjerrybennett and at



Kyle Van Osdol is a multi-faceted videographer, editor, animator and musician living and working in Oklahoma City. His work encompasses a wide range of art mediums that include filmmaking, motion design, animation, projection mapping, editing and sound design. His work is a meticulous combination of technology and science that is an experimental union of computer-generated images and practical effects that are seamlessly integrated to transport the viewer to a surrealist realm of curiosity, wonder and virtual exploration. Follow him on Instagram @kvanosdol.








Lindsay Zodrow is a longtime participant in the local art scene through her involvement in the development of the Plaza District and supporting other artists through her shop, the former Collected Thread. It has only been recently that she started painting murals and signs full-time with her pal, Hayley Owen. Together, they paint under the alias, Yo Bro. You can see their murals and signs in businesses and districts across Oklahoma City and Edmond. Zodrow is inspired by florals and simple line work as well as color. Follow her on Instagram @yo.bro.okc.





different focal character in each work. This design was inspired by the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” The central figure, a woman adorned in winter clothing, is opening what appears to be a small gift from her true love. The contents inside expand out into a whirlwind of holiday symbolism representing the idea that the spirit of Christmas is in giving to those you love. Follow Eakers on Instagram @marcuseakers.




Yang’s work explores methods of image manipulation, commonly using typography, photography and color. Typographic collage serves as a compositional foundation in many of her pieces. Individual characters are magnified, cut up and reassembled. These new letterform constructions remain vaguely recognizable, yet their original intentions and meaning are lost in their repurposing. These techniques are an intersection of Yang’s background in both graphic design and fine art printmaking and show a juxtaposition of those two worlds. Follow Yang on Instagram @electrofervor and at



Pearl Rachinsky is an illustrator originally from Alberta, Canada, now residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. No matter where life has taken her, visual art has always been her north star. Pearl is also in recovery which tends to lend itself to her work. She took up design and illustration so she could combine being of service to others while continuing to make art for a living. She pursues it humbly and is very grateful to be able to do so. Pearl hopes her wrapping paper brings a huge smile to the face of the person receiving the gift inside. Follow her on Instagram @pearljunior






Rachele Cromer’s illustrations and designs are fun, colorful and inspired by nature. Rachele holds BFAs in graphic design and studio art, with a minor in art history, from Oklahoma State University. A designer on OCCC’s award-winning creative team, Rachele hopes to spread joy and happiness across the city through everything she creates. Follow along with her on Instagram at @rachelecromerr to see her latest creations.





graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in photography. Black’s primary style is still life photography. For this series, Black photographed miniature sets that she built based on fond winter activities and how people celebrate the holiday season. Her goal for this project was to spark pleasant memories of festivities and represent the diverse ways in which the winter holidays are spent. Follow Black on Instagram @sarahblackattack.



Grounds of the Navajo, Euchee, Creek and Seminole tribes, began studying and creating art during early childhood. After graduating with his bachelor's degree in American Indian studies from Haskell Indian Nations University, he began to focus his artistic vision under the pseudonym Native Evolution, which was influenced by the street art scene when he resided in Phoenix from 2005-2010. Over the years, Grounds has been able to collaborate with many great artists and has his ever-evolving body of work in both the street art scene and fine art galleries. Follow Grounds on Instagram @stevenag77 and Facebook @nativeevolution.




Zachary Junker is a full-time muralist, concept artist and graphic designer based in Edmond. He has been working professionally as an artist since 2019 and is currently focusing on concept art and graphic design as he takes a break from murals. Zach enjoys using bright colors and unique designs to inspire out-of-the-box thinking and elaborate storytelling. When he's not working on art you can find Zach outside enjoying nature, playing basketball, or getting creative in the kitchen. To see more of his work, you can visit or @stepbackzach on Instagram.